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Warren Kinsella – Interview with the Experts

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Today we interview Warren Kinsella. He is an authentic expert on politics as you will see. He has published seven books with very good reviews. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He even has a Wikipedia page! Let’s know him.

– You wrote Unholy Alliances about global terrorism in 1992, long before the War on Terrorism began. Now with the Islamic State practically destroyed in Iraq and Syria, do you think the days of terrorism are numbered? 

No.  Unfortunately, there will always be those who use undemocratic – and violent – means to effect political change. 

-You mention Malcolm X as a personal hero and in 1994 your book Web of Hate about organized racism was published. Do you think there have been advances in interracial relationships in recent times? 

I do, Trump and Brexit notwithstanding.  In my experience, there many more people who are fair and decent than there are those who are not.

-Although you obviously specialize in writing nonfiction books, you have also written the novel Party Favors and recently Recipe for Hate. Tell us about this book. 

Recipe For Hate is about how organized racists insinuate themselves into positions of power – something that, in the Trump era, we have all seen happen in a dramatic and depressing way.  Recipe For Hate is a cautionary tale, one that urges people – young people in particular – to resist racists with all their might.

-You were a special assistant to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and your book Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics is about political communications. Did you address personal experiences in your writing? 

I did.  I learned a great deal about effective communications from working for Mr. Chretien.  It was an honour and privilege.  I learned to put a human face on my story – and that stories sell, while facts only tell.  Making your political point “real” and relevant is what persuades people to come to your side of the argument.

-Also the book The War Room is about strategic communications and The Toronto Sun called it “a must read”. What ​do you think about this order? How deep is this book? 

The book is still available, and still sells many copies (I am told).  It is about using the lessons I learned in politics, and applying them to the non-political world.  And there are three main points I offer – use simplicity, repetition and volume.  That is how you get people to pay attention to what you have to say.

-In the same way, your book Fight the Right was very well received by the media and personalities. The Hill Times called it “one of the best books of the year” and Tom Flanagan (former Stephen Harper campaign manager) said: “Get the book”. Describe us this book.

It is about how conservatives win, consistently, by doing two things: they use words and values better than progressives like me.  They use simple, accessible language – and they talk about values.  Values are hopes and dreams and fears – and conservatives are very good at talking about them, and exploiting them.  That is how Trump won.

-At present you play bass in the SFH group. How do you characterize your experience in this band and how much it influences your life? 

I’ve been in punk bands for four decades, now.  I should probably stop, but I love it too much.  And our new album, SFH Kinda Suck, is getting great reviews!

– Share a couple of articles published by you that you recommend to users of westerncycles.site 

Check out my web site at www.warrenkinsella.com!

-As you know, I have published Western Cycles: United Kingdom and Western Cycles: Canada independently. What do you think about the future of literature in the world of self-publishing? 

That IS the future.  The Internet has given everyone their own printing press.  They should use it!  I did, and I now have nearly four million visitors to my web site annually.

-As some people know, I live in Cuba. Have you ever visited this country? Would you be interested? It would be an additional experience in a life as full of diversities as yours.

I haven’t been – I love Jamaica, particularly for the music.  But Cuba Is on my list!

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