Ideas for Cuba (5)

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I recently won a contest called ideas for Cuba. I decided to post what I send to users of the blog. The publication will be divided into 5 parts. Hope you like.


The situation of the Cuban nation should be analyzed in order to lay the foundations for a better future. Today their problems are constantly discussed not only in everyday situations; It is also made in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and even the Internet. However when seeking solutions unofficial alternatives that go beyond trying to re-test measures unfortunate that in his time did not work without the slightest guarantee that this time looming bear fruit.
Strengthen production systems in the private sector through legal structures that promote the right to property a step that will enable a significant advance in the way that goods and services from its very conception occur. This time it would be truly integrated the interests of our society, givingthe necessary tools for their own development.
Privatize state enterprises to make more transparent the functioning of public services is a goal that enhances the competitive values for the real development of the nation under the principle that it is through improving individual situations that achieves real collective development. In this way the government would fulfill its functions in full harmony with national services such as health and education, but without obstructing the principles of individual improvement.
Open the Cuban economy to the international arena through the expansion of trade, investment and financial relations globally show us as a nation able to face their challenges and build their future through healthy debate of its citizens. We reveal the advantages of the systems of other countries for the building of our own, but without taking any single reference and without forgetting our status as developing country.
Each of these ideas carries no other recourse than fearlessness and strength of our leaders, and the debate and the participation of popular consensus of our people at all times. All through a formula that is not turning to the right or to the left, but in knowing look forward.

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